Once you've uploaded your work you can then promote it to gain maximum exposure.   Below are some ideas that might help you gain more exposure for your work on


Make a Web Page

Anything you can do to help people feel that they know you will increase the chance that they will use your music and come back for more. You can also let people know about any merchandise (CDs, books, etc) through your web site.

You can link directly to your material on by using the URL where XXX is your user number.  You can copy your user number from the numbers at the end of your URL link to your user page from the artist page


Get Your Music Hosted

You can host your music on one or more of the many music sharing websites online to raise your profile.  Check out My Space, CDbaby, My Cristian Bands, Indie Heaven, My Cross Factor, Cross Rhythms, emusic, Muisc DirectX or SoundClicks for starters.




You can now vote for songs in the database and at send an encouraging comment to the songwriter at the same time.  The 'most popular list of songs' is a live list based on the last week of votes. 

Each person can only vote for a song once, so the best way to increase your votes is to promote your user page to your friends (see above).  This will drive your song up into the to top of the most popular list, and then if other people like the song too then it will stay in the list of most popular songs and be heard by more people. 

The aim of this voting system is not a popularity contest, but rather to help users quickly find songs that other users have found helpful.    


Collect Email Addresses

You will already have know a number of people personally who are interested in what you are doing.  It's a good idea to collect as many email address from people who you can let know when you have got something new for them to check out.  



A newsletter is a good idea to let people know the latest about what you are doing.  Make sure you write the newsletter for your target audience otherwise it may be just considered to be spam.  We recommend starting a mailing list at if you have a large number of recipients.


Radio Stations

Why not send off your CD and bio to your local Christian radio station and offer to come in and talk to them about what you're doing.  Let them know that they can find your work on



There's nothing like letting people sample your work live. Try to get out and perform your work where ever and when ever you can. Let people know that they your work is freely downloadable from


Forwarding Email Address

You can also help promote using a forwarding email address. Send an email to with your proposed address and the address which you wish your email to be forwarded to.


Your Suggestions...

If you've got any more ideas on promotion then we'd love to post them here. 

Simply email with your ideas.