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Pathway up

by Elizabeth Price


The new garden niche was on a steep slope.  You started at the bottom and climbed stepping stones to reach its topmost point.  When you got there, you rested on a seat beside a large urn full of Hyacinths. You looked down over coloured pots growing herbs and blue Japonica Irises, white Christmas Lilies and golden Gladioli.


They were overhung by several small trees, red Bottle Brushes and a yellow Grevillea.  It became our favourite hide-away, a retreat, a place that put everything else in perspective.


There was only one path to the niche and to get there you had to step off the safety of a smooth verandah on to a rough dirt incline.  It was an obstacle course of rocks and unstable pebbles.


But you can keep your eye on the garden above you because there is a pathway going up.


It reminds me of another pathway...


I am the way, the truth and the life; no one

comes to the Father except by Me.

John 14:6


Jesus is our life-saving highway going up.


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