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February 1, 2008

Weeding | Matthew 13:24-30

We were altering gardens and displaced a mass of small bulbs.  I did not want to lose any of them so I hurriedly tossed them into a plastic container with some garden soil. [more]


February 2, 2008

99.9% efficiency? | II Corinthians 5:9

I remember attending a training course during my tenure in a secular firm, some years ago, where the trainer stressed the need for 100% efficiency. He started explaining, “There are certain areas...  [more]


February 3, 2008

Intimacy | Romans 12:5

I could sit and watch it all day … people greeting each other at the airport!  What’s so special about this meeting? [more]


February 4, 2008

No dropped calls | Psalms 17:6

We live in an amazing world that continues to grow with new and exciting technological advances every day.  I think we can all agree that mobile phones... [more]

February 5, 2008

I have to make it | Luke 11:9-10 (NKJV)

I watched him from a distance, admiring his persistence.  Billy was sitting on the floor with his blocks scattered all around him.  He was trying to build the... [more]


February 6, 2008

Meeting a need | Philippians 4:19 (NCV)

“You’re not very good at this are you?”  As the personal assistant to the president at the church head office, I was used to fielding unusual and difficult calls; however, the lady on the other end of the phone was disconcerting. [more] 


February 7, 2008

Clarity now | Philippians 4:4

Most mornings haze over the mountains means my view is OK, but not great. But then comes the storms... [more]


February 8, 2008

Reprieve | Acts 13:39 & Romans 8:1

The death penalty operates for wrong behaviour.  No reprieves, no mitigating circumstances, no getting off because of a past good record.  ‘You break, you pay,’ as the advertisement says.  Saying sorry does not ‘pay’! [more]


February 9, 2008

Analysis paralysis | Isaiah 30:21

I have absolutely no sense of direction. Shopping malls confuse me; I can never find my car in parking lots.  I get lost trying to follow simple maps.  [more]


February 10, 2008

Plastic edge | Proverbs 16:3

‘Ahhh, this is taking too long,’ I screamed within my stressed mind.  All I wanted was to have some left over pizza for dinner, but the task was proving much more cantankerous than I expected. [more]


February 11, 2008

Got sand? | Romans 8:28 (NIV)

If you’ve ever walked on a beach and gotten sand in your shoes, you know firsthand the experience of its discomfort.  Even one single grain of sand can cause irritation. [more] 


February 12, 2008

Lighthouse | John 8:12

From afar it stands; overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean is one of Papua New Guinea’s famous historical sites and Madang’s pride – Kalibobo Lighthouse. [more]


February 13, 2008

Lucky boy | Philippians 4:12

Some children have a special teddy, others a much-loved blanket.  In our house, the object of two-year-old Samuel’s affection is called ‘Bink’.  Bink is a flannelette blanket, similar to those used to swaddle new born babies. [more]


February 14, 2006

Cock the leg | Luke 4:19

It probably sounds a bit crude, but in ‘male canine world’ it’s a fact of life. Every day as my dog walks he seems to spend the majority of his time... [more]


February 15, 2008

By appointment | Isaiah 46:4

He sat at the table winking at Granny.  His little face twisted with the effort and his scarcely concealed grin admitted that for all his effort, his wink was a gigantic failure.  But it was a special moment. [more]


February 16, 2008

The wild geese | 1 Thessalonians 5:12

Trust TV Channels such as National Geographic and Animal Planet to come up with startling truths about the animal kingdom, now and then!  [more]


February 17, 2008

The crumbs | Matthew 15:27,28

Even these are important! [more]


February 18, 2008

Crucial ingredient | Luke 10:41 (NIV)

You have all the ingredients to prepare the most delectable dinner.  You’ve studied the recipe, planned the steps, and scoured your grocery list at least three times before leaving the grocery store.  Now it’s time for preparation! [more]


February 19, 2008

My child | Psalms 50:15 (NKJV)

Her scream tore my heart as I came rushing in the room.  “Mummy, help me!” my 4 year old daughter cried.  She had fallen from the bed while sleeping and bumped her head against the floor.  I ran to her, picked her up in my arms and held her close. [more]


February 20, 2008

Call to me | Psalm 145:18

We could hear it before we could see it. One lone goose, honking loudly on his way in.  If any other geese had been on the small lake this beautiful autumn morning, they would have answered the call.  [more]


February 21, 2008

I should have been | Ephesians 6:13

Prepared!  Yes, but walking along the bush track in the early morning light I was too interested in the scenery.  I didn’t see the cobweb!  [more]


February 22, 2008

The crying room | Psalms 139:3, 4

A survey we were asked to distribute and analyse contained critical questions.  It also gave space for a sort of ‘you tell me the problem’ area. [more]


February 23, 2008

Love first | Psalms 63:3-5

“Get off me” I say, trying to explain my reaction.  “I am getting ready for work and don’t have time for you to do that”.  The inner yearning calling me to take the time, yet the pull to be on time for work is stronger.  Yet again, “No I don’t have time. I need to get ready.” [more]


February 24, 2006

World reality | Colossians 3:3
Which world are you living in today?  [more]


February 25, 2008

Will you be the one? | 1 Peter 3:8 (NIV)

I decided at the last second, just before the red light changed to green, to go the other way, so I put on my blinker.  Anticipating that someone would graciously allow me to cut in, I stayed in my lane and waited for my opportunity. [more]


February 26, 2008

Car park rage | John 14:27

My wife turned into the recently vacated car park, the weekend before Christmas.  Like the rest of the world, it seemed, we were visiting the shopping centre for our final shopping jaunt before this annual family time. [more]


February 27, 2008

Going for it | 1 Chronicles 28:20

Shoot the falls! The cry of the brave ones, up at the top of the waterfall. Kayaks were poised in position, with college kids queuing up to ride down the rapids. [more]


February 28, 2008

Little kids | Matthew 19:14

How childish are you? [more]


February 29, 2008

Awash | John 13:8

We were watching a sunset on a rise beside the lake and words were superfluous. The sky above was full of sunset and the lake below was full of sunset.  Up was down and down was up.  Sunset surrounded and engulfed us, washing up from beneath and flushing down from above. We were covered with sunset.  [more]



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