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The Archives - March 07

March 1, 2007

Cheer squad |Hebrews 12:1

“No, Gary, No!” chants the cheer squad. Gary, standing with two of his friends, has just gone to lunch from his office building.  [more]


March 2, 2007

Constant wind | 1 Peter 4:13

Having lived at my brother’s house for four days the wind hadn’t let up.  I was beginning to get rather annoyed about the situation, telling myself how frustrating it was.  When beyond the roof line flew... [more]


March 3, 2007

Handbrake release | Habakkuk 2:4

Ever driven with your hand brake on? Only to get down the road a few minutes and discover this burning smell. Hopefully before disaster happens, you stop and find the problem… and release the hand brake. [more]


March 4, 2007

The world record | Matthew 19:26

A twenty-six year old Englishman was interviewed by media in Adelaide, a city over halfway through his world record attempt.  He was... [more]

March 5, 2007

Poised | Matthew 26:41

Diesel, my faithful canine, waits for my instruction. ‘Which path will he go down?’ he asks on our early morning walk? His stance says everything… [more]


March 6, 2007

I’m finished! | Psalms 51:7

“I’m finished”, was the clearly recognizable cry from ‘the little room’ in the house. Everyone knew in this particular family that these two words meant... [more] 


March 7, 2007

Welling up inside | John 16:13a

I stood chatting to my son as the fear and doubt ‘volcanoed’ within me.  Jumping into the lake within the old quarry sounded simple and fun, but when faced with the reality of a fifteen-meter plummet... [more]


March 8, 2007

On my face | Galatians 2:20

It was my son’s comments that got my attention as we swam leisurely back to shore. “You should have seen your face!” he remarked, as I surfaced from the deep waters of the filled quarry.  Both of us had just taken the 15-metre plunge into the water. [more]


March 9, 2007

Follow the leader | Philippians 2:5,7

There were fifty of them … five and six year olds, out to have a good time for the last fifteen minutes of school on a Friday afternoon. So what does a relief teacher do to survive the bitter end of the day with so many kids? That’s right… he becomes a little crazy! [more]


March 10, 2007

The tale of scar | John 20:27

Tayla rushed up to me. “Did you see this?” and immediately the hands and the eyes focused on a gash just above her knee. With pride she shared the story! How come, not only kids, but adults delight in telling their war stories and the scars they have ‘earned’ through the years? [more]


March 11, 2007

Interstate trip | Psalms 23:4

My early morning walk takes me within hearing distance of a freeway often busy in the early hours of the morning.  Interstate trucks trundle past, having travelled from Sydney, our neighbouring capital city overnight. [more]


March 12, 2007

Extra wrinkles | Philippians 2:7,8

I’m not a smoker, but I sometimes join the smoking group as they exit buildings to light up. The conversation is always good! Sitting with some smokers recently I began noticing the faces of these men and ladies... [more]


March 13, 2007

A 2 B | Jeremiah 10:23-24

There’s the freeway, the highway, the local road, the footpath, the bush track or maybe thick scrub? All are options for travelling! Which one would you choose? Probably the freeway, because of its ease, speed, and safety. [more]


March 14, 2007

Air-brushed cover | I John 2:27

The precious infant has been crawling for several months, standing up next to things and looking really confident on her feet. Mum, dad, grandparents, friends, all note the growing strength with plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’. [more]


March 15, 2007

Purring | Psalms 103:17

As soon as the hand touched the purring started. It was quiet to begin with, but increased in intensity as the kitten settled in for her snooze. The new feline, typical of the cats in my family over the years, is always ready to be patted, to relax on our laps, in our arms or on our shoulders. It just loves being near someone. [more]


March 16, 2007

Recipe enhancement | Ezekiel 37:4,5

My wife amazes me. With the knowledge that we have guests coming over for a weekend meal, she buys a magazine and sees recipes she likes.  [more]


March 17, 2007

My kitchen table | Romans 8:38b,39

My life is like my kitchen table. It looks great, but as you look closer, there are chunks missing, many blemishes and faults, but mostly its OK! The table has a clear purpose, though, for the many wonderful meals and conversations. [more]


March 18, 2007

Hit and cry | James 1:3

How many times have I seen infants, my own two included, stumble and hit their head? Then there is an extended pause before the screaming starts... [more]


March 19, 2007

Regularly sharpened | Proverbs 1:5

His day was simple. Up at sunrise, a quick breakfast and then walk down to the tree he was working on. With his axe sharpened... [more]


March 20, 2007

Stuck? | Psalms 33:20

In order to do more, you’ve got to grow more!

It’s a cliché, unless you’re willing to act!  So let me just take... [more]


March 21, 2007

Babycino | Psalms 32:8

The young child sat watching her mother almost mesmerized by the cappuccino experience. She has seen it many times, and now the day had come. “What would you like to order?” [more]


March 22, 2007

Pass it on | 2 Corinthians 1:3,4

It’s simple really.  The experiences, the wisdom, the blessing shared through these simple words come from moments in time when something has been experienced, and maybe even understood. [more]


March 23, 2007

Public solitary confinement | Isaiah 43:2

Dare I do this … try to define depression? ... I describe depression as... [more]


March 24, 2007

Your wonderful touch | Psalms 66:4

  • the laughter of your children

  • the food in your fridge

  • the agility in your muscles

  • the roof over your head

  • the quietness of the still night air? [more]

March 25, 2007

Uniform posture | 2 Timothy 1:6

I noticed it on the first day of our cruise, the ship personnel and their brilliant white uniforms.  It wasn’t their tidy pristine look; rather, it was their posture that caught my attention. [more]


March 26, 2007

Uncovering solid | Psalms 73:26 NLT

In winter time, I am sure there a places in the world where objects are frozen over to the point where they cannot be seen.  The covering of ice and snow obliterates them from sight. But as spring arrives... [more]


March 27, 2007

Trinity Green presentation | Romans 12:2

Next to the estate where I live is a new development.  I have loved watching the roads, housing blocks and landscaping emerge from the undeveloped land. It looks dressed up and well-maintained!  Why? [more]


March 28, 2007

Matching socks | Romans 2:28

“Life is like a box of chocolates,” said Forrest Gump. But today, let me give you another idea to delve into.  “Life is like a basket of socks,” said Bruce Wadd.  [more]


March 29, 2007

Crammed wardrobe | Romans 6:8

I looked at my filled wardrobe recently and asked the question, how many shirts have I worn in the last month? How many haven’t I worn? Is it time for a throw out! Recently I spent time with... [more]


March 30, 2007

Where’s the leak? | Psalms 7:9

My wife and I have had a waterbed all our married life, and on the odd occasion we have woken to damp sheets and pyjamas. It’s annoying, and a little embarrassing, to wake up feeling damp. [more]


March 31, 2007

Good position | Ephesians 2:8

When we were looking for our current home, I prepared a criteria sheet for real estate agents, outlining our family’s needs and wants re style, size and aspect of home... [more]



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