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The Archives - May 06

May 1, 2006

Microwave versus marinate | 1 Peter 4:13

At the beginning of the 21st century the western world has become an instant society.  With... [more]


May 2, 2006

Latch on the inside | Revelation 3:20

Some time ago our spare bedroom was occupied by our ‘extra’ teenage son – he stays most weekends!  He loves his sleep, and so waking him in the morning is a necessary evil that someone has to perform. [more]


May 3, 2006

Accept, block or delete | John 8:36

In the world of email, spam is becoming an increasing dilemma.  Business and government leaders are... [more]


May 4, 2006

I must remember | Psalms 139:17

If it was the first time that it had happened then that would be OK. But this was something that happened with regularity.  Let me explain… [more]

May 5, 2006

Septic underneath | Psalms 84:6

It had been eighteen months since they have received any decent precipitation, and thus the grass has died and weeds have taken over... [more]


May 6, 2006

Tour mentality | 1 Corinthians 7:31

My wife and I took 12 days out of our lives to visit Thailand... Because we travelled right in the midst of summer... [more] 


May 7, 2006

Submit | Psalms 62:8

Ever tried to put a cat into a box?  Have you attempted throwing a dog into a pool?  Ever had a go at driving cattle into a yard where they just didn’t want to go?  [more]


May 8, 2006

On the outside | 1 Samuel 16:9

Bananas with quite a few black spots covering them; mandarins that are puffy beneath the skin; limes covered with scaly blotches – all have something in common – they don’t look attractive!  [more]


May 9, 2006

Stuck in plan B | Galatians 3:22

I have spent quite a few years training people in computer, thus having a back-up plan for when things go wrong is... [more]


May 10, 2006

The minute and the massive | Luke 16:10

Life is so often made up of both large and small. Taking care of the minute whilst being part of the massive is critical to so many things! [more]


May 11, 2006

The crow escape | Psalms 116:16

You are driving along the road and as you come over a crest there in front of you is some ‘road kill’ that’s got the attention of a black bird – the crow! [more]


May 12, 2006

The crisis of now | Psalms 23:4

As the airline staff carried out the normal pre-landing preparations, an announcement advised passengers of current time and weather details.  Flight staff finally took their seats, belted in for the landing. Back a few rows, a mother of an infant was stroking the child... [more]


May 13, 2006

Vine-ripened | Philippians 1:6

If it is taste versus looks, I will take taste every time.  Let me use tomatoes... [more]


May 14, 2006

Multiplies in darkness | 1 John 1:9

Cancer is a hideous thing.  It takes so many lives, ruins so many families, and generally brings stress to thousands of people’s lives every year.  You most likely have even been... [more]


May 15, 2006

I really want to talk | Psalms 56:9b

The value of relationship can never be underestimated, particularly those between family members.  Father-son, mother-daughter, ‘whole of family’ conversations... [more]


May 16, 2006

Where RU? | Ephesians 5:20

Have a look around you!  What is your current position in life?  Is it positive, negative, or just ‘ho-hum’?  The reality, as a new Christian, is that you are here for a reason. [more]


May 17, 2006

Let it go | Romans 8:12

Some dogs just love to chase balls and return them to the thrower.  Our dog is no exception, enthusiastically chasing the yellow sphere around the yard. [more]


May 18, 2006

Spots do change | Mark 10:27

My son was born with a birthmark on his stomach.  It is nothing outlandish or hideous, but noticeable when he doesn’t wear a shirt.  It has grown in size considerably since birth, but it remains in the same place and looks almost the same. [more]


May 19, 2006

Learning from no | Psalms 32:8

Some dogs just love to chase balls and return them to the thrower.  Our dog is no exception, enthusiastically chasing the yellow sphere around the yard. [more]


May 20, 2006

Done! | James 1:2-4

Why do you put your clothes in the washing machine?  That’s right… so they can be cleaned!  [more]


May 21, 2006

Give me my dessert! | Romans 8:12,13

I was raised during an era and in a family where dessert was on the menu every night.  Thus as an adult I love finishing off a main meal with something sweet.  It is an acquired taste... [more]


May 22, 2006

Till 25 | 1 Peter 1:4

Recently my daughter’s friend received some sad news, with a really positive twist to it.  His grandfather had died, unknown to him, and had bequeathed... [more]


May 23, 2006

Silent separation | Ephesians 5:20

My wife and I met at university, and for two and a half years lived in separate dormitories whilst... [more]


May 24, 2006

No assistant… slow assistant | 1 Peter 4:13

Has there ever been a time when you have finally got all your shopping into your trolley, and being conscious of the time, chosen a particular checkout in the supermarket, only to discover... [more]


May 25, 2006

White line fever | Hebrews 10:36

The commentator confidently called it as he saw it, “He’s got ‘white line fever’!” "What’s that?... [more]


May 26, 2006

30-year love affair | Isaiah 43:1b

It doesn’t happen for everyone, but if you live in Australia, you have possibly seen it.  Volkswagen, Mini, and now Holden... [more]


May 27, 2006

Flapping wings | John 8:36

Moths are not normally something you consider make any noise at all.  They usually fly around, day or night, silently through the air, both inside and outside! [more]


May 28, 2006

With oil it flows | Psalms 127:1

You vaguely start to hear a funny noise in your car.  As you continue to drive the noise... [more]


May 29, 2006

Already eaten | 1 John 2:27

Having just completed a light meal, and being ready for a night on my own, friends popped by to invite me to Sizzlers, a smorgasbord restaurant, for a meal... [more]


May 30, 2006

That phone call | John 10:27,28

The phone rings.  You wander over and casually answer it... [more]


May 31, 2006

Managing the immediate | 2 Corinthians 4:18

Ambulance driving, relief teaching, hospital emergency wards, tornado watchers, stock exchange traders – all share something common… [more]


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