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Today's Thought - The Archives - September 06

September 1, 2006

Prepared message | 1 John 1:9

One evening the three children, me included, were instructed to go to bed, and clearly told not to touch the cookie barrel. The temptation... [more]


September 2, 2006 

Off the hook | Matthew 6:12

I am not into fishing, but I could imagine the exhilaration of landing a desired catch.  These days, though, it seems to be commonplace on sporting shows for fishermen to let their catches go!  [more]


September 3, 2006

Picture of dad | Psalms 130:4 TM

When you hold an old picture of your dad, what wells up inside? Hate, love, respect, anger, admiration, fear, mystery?  [more]


September 4, 2006

Pressed in | Psalm 139:17, 18

I was disturbed for a moment by the arrival of a mum, her two boys and their grandfather. Within minutes I was distracted again by the fidgeting of these alive little ‘fellas’, bored by the worship proceedings. [more]

September 5, 2006

Seasons of growth | Lamentations 3:23

Walking through the Australian bush most of the year, but particularly in springtime, you see new growth on eucalypts. ‘Gum’ trees...  [more]


September 6, 2006

On edge | Jeremiah 31:30

Ever eaten sour grapes? The bitterness in your mouth; the sour taste sliding down your gullet; the growing sick feeling churning in your belly; your teeth have a heightened sense of awareness, becoming more tender? They are on edge! [more] 


September 7, 2006

Way off the mark | Romans 2:7

In simple, step by step terms I outlined the activity to the eager students sitting on the floor. As each sentence was spoken it was like a disease was hitting them – the ‘I have no idea what he’s talking about’ expression gradually appeared on each face.  [more]


September 8, 2006

Getting control | Psalms 17:15

In the mail I received a well-produced, professional-looking superannuation fund brochure. Within its covers were plenty of positive comments and figures stating the facts about an increased client base, well managed funds and many positive returns. This particular fund had recently received an award for excellence in the industry.  [more]


September 9, 2006

Finally… the end! | Psalms 39:5b, 7

The last few hundred metres of a marathon; the end of a painful battle with cancer; a drug-induced ruination of a young life; the end of a really bad movie that you didn’t want to see; the last day of a long holiday with people you don’t like!  [more]


September 10, 2006

Irreverence of thread | Romans 1:17

It’s a rare event for me to be found in a clothing store, but it occurred recently, and I am so thankful! Showing my currency in fashion (not!), I updated myself on the latest trends of teen dressing, and noted something most interesting. [more]


September 11, 2006

The realization of wrong | Psalms 51:12

Whilst out walking most mornings my dog makes a habit of walking ahead on our usual track. There are sometimes, though, when I play a game. When he is quite a distance ahead, confidently walking and sniffing, I sneakily take a different route.  [more]


September 12, 2006

Sideline parents |Psalms 34:19

You see it every weekend – parents taking their offspring to sport. At soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and the list is long, parents stand on the sideline watching their children play, shouting encouragement through both exciting and difficult moments.  [more]


September 13, 2006

The light of day 2 | Revelation 3:19

My natural tendency is to hurry up, to get things moving, so that I can see results for the efforts invested. But my father... [more]


September 14, 2006

Accountability | Proverbs 2:20,21

Holding myself accountable in doing what I said I was going to do may seem hard, but it's a key element in bringing about real lasting change in my life. [more]


September 15, 2006

Around the corner | Psalm 37:23

I was rushing between classes. I’d walked this footpath many times, even been on the same route less than an hour before. But this time I was running late, and with intentional walking I was off to my next class. [more]


September 16, 2006

Dark steps | Psalm 18:28

It was noticeably harder. I never realized how many ups and downs, bumps and turns, there were on this relatively simple path. It goes from concrete, to bitumen, and then dirt pathway, but in the dark the irregularities were amplified.  [more]


September 17, 2006

Earthly delights | Isaiah 26:10 TM

I hate to admit it, but I know this statement is true. How many times have I let the pleasures of life capture my imagination, and distract me from the peace and purpose of my life? [more]


September 18, 2006

Fighting the door | Psalms 119:28

The elderly lady was handed the half open door of the side entrance of the shopping centre. They thought they were being kind in not just letting it close, but the young entering shoppers didn’t see what happened next.  [more]


September 19, 2006

Lost her face | Psalm 11:7

Courting my wife when we were living a thousand kilometres apart was difficult. With both of us beginning new careers we were busy, and so the only time we got to see each other was each school holiday. [more]


September 20, 2006

Pain gain | Psalms 51:17 TM

It was only seventeen days, but what a change! God instructed me to go on a fast a little while ago – my first ever! Every day was the same, more time and energy to devote to clear thinking and communication. [more]


September 21, 2006

Morning gentleness | Psalms 37:11

I walked during the very early dawn, and I got a glimpse of the new moon with just a fingernail showing. With such softness and subtlety I stood and appreciated this perfect display of astronomical genius back dropped by the early morning sky. [more]


September 22, 2006

The empty tray | Psalm 37:23

I have worshiped, laughed, cried and worked in the same church for more than ten years. In fact, both my wife and I are founding members of this unique congregation, but I write out of... [more]


September 23, 2006

Inheritance | 1 Peter 1:4

“My grandfather has just died,” remarked my daughter’s boyfriend rather unemotionally. With much greater enthusiasm, “and he’s left me with thousands of dollars,” he concluded.  [more]


September 24, 2006

Lighten up | Matthew 11:29,30

It was a small boat. The load was heavy... way too many passengers for safe travel, but the urge to get everyone to the other side overwhelmed the owners... [more]


September 25, 2006

What will it be? | Psalm 145:16

Today, it’s the BMW.

Tomorrow, it will be the new and bigger home.

Yesterday, it was the prestige of being well known and respected. [more]


September 26, 2006

Storm eye |Psalm 91:2 TM

Pilots have said that flying into the eye of a cyclone is a most beautiful and peaceful experience. Seconds away on every side is turmoil and destruction, but in those moments of centredness serenity and sunshine reign supreme. [more]


September 27, 2006

It’s missing | 1 Corinthians 12:14

I looked at the completed jigsaw puzzle upon her request. My wife had just completed her holiday jigsaw. “Oh you’ve finally finished,” I congratulated, “but there’s a piece missing.” [more]


September 28, 2006

There all the time! | Isaiah 26:10

We were working on digitizing hundreds of slides, and my wife needed a headlight to see in the necessary darkness. Both of us looked for quite a few minutes, concluding that… “he must have taken it!” [more]


September 29, 2006

Warmth underground | Matthew 5:14,15,16

Out walking on a winter’s morning is crazy for most people. It was a particularly cold daybreak with gloves and beanie doing their job. I walked quickly past a drainage grate, as I’d done every morning for past many months without a thought.  [more]


September 30, 2006

The noise of family | Psalms 32:2 TM

Standing in another room listening to all the noise of my family warms my heart. These are the people I really value! I will do anything for them. They get my attention… and love! [more]


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