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Today's Thought - The Archives - October 06

October 1, 2006

Crikey, mate! | John 7:38

What have you left us with, mate? Here’s my list…

  • Passion

  • A hunger to be real

  • Integrity, ethics & morals in this media driven world

  • Family values [more]


October 2, 2006 

Baked fresh | Lamentations 3:22-23NLT

I don’t often visit my daughter’s workplace, but on this particular morning I took the opportunity. My eldest is a baker, and she loves what she does. As I arrived at the store front, I was quickly overwhelmed with a sense of pride... [more]


October 3, 2005

Soft pillow | Psalms 37:11

Resting in God’s peace is like landing on a soft pillow. Ahhh!!  [more]


October 4, 2006

Report card | Psalms 51:17a

It’s the end of term and school report cards are being sent home. Your child arrives with all F’s. What a disaster! ‘What’s going on?’ you immediately ask yourself...  [more]

October 5, 2006

The Spirit arrives | Psalms 84:11

Walking on the beach of Port Phillip Bay, I had the privilege of watching the Spirit of Tasmania, a large inter-island large ferry, arrive. I’d never seen it before. It took a good fifteen minutes... [more]


October 6, 2006

Clearer in the dark | Psalms 84:6

The interview of the Great Escape was over. Finally, two miners who had been trapped for fourteen days one kilometre underground had told their story. Now the truth of... [more] 


October 7, 2006

Squeezed, boiling and black | James 1:3

You would never imagine that the beautiful sparkling jewels on the fingers of most females come from deep underground...  [more]


October 8, 2005

Public holiday peace | Psalms 85:8

The relatively new estate I live in was silent as I walked its streets. People had not risen - they were still cosy and warm in their early winter’s snooze...  [more]


October 9, 2006

Cinema reality | Philippians 3:10

With my mind totally fixated on the movie, the credits begin to roll and the reality of light begins to encroach on mystery of storyline. I stood up, and slowly moved towards the back with all the other exiting cinema patrons. The doors swung open...  [more]


October 10, 2006

In line | Isaiah 41:10

I stood and watched the line of traffic, queued for turning right across a busy three lane highway. It was peak hour, and there was no let up of the stream of vehicles.  [more]


October 11, 2006

Completely new | Ephesians 2:10

She walked up the walkway with her mother, with glances from every male around. My daughter, with straight blonde hair was getting all the attention for the moment, except from her most ardent support – her father!  [more]


October 12, 2006

Pressure | Luke 22:42

Have you ever experienced deep depression? It’s like great internal pressure...   [more]


October 13, 2006

Straight in the eye | Colossians 3:17

Today I wanted to look you straight in the eye’. I’m not joking when I say the following words… why? Because they can change your life forever! [more]


October 14, 2006

Intentional mistake | 1 Peter 5:6

I read of a marketing expert recently who was really angry when an expensive banner he had organised for an upcoming exhibition arrived with several glaring spelling mistakes... [more]


October 15, 2006

Stirring the honey pot | James 4:7

Diesel was out walking with me, and I could tell from his high level of activity he was going to do something crazy. It didn’t take long to discover! Normally he would walk past this particular fence with plenty of distance, knowing that two large security dogs guarded the premises [more]


October 16, 2006

Only saying sorry | Romans 12:9 TM

Parents… teachers… anyone who works with people, will know this phenomenon. “Oh, sorry, I won’t do it again!” comes the mantra. Many children, I have noticed as a teacher, spill out this insincere garble when they are found out.  [more]


October 17, 2006

Call the police | John 3:16

“I wasn’t sure what to do,” struggled Evelyn. “It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do,” she continued, with tears beginning to spill from her eyes...  [more]


October 18, 2006

A week makes | Psalms 1:3

Living in the worst drought in recorded history, our part of Australia continues to struggle under the burden of dry weather. But recently we have moved into a cycle of rain every day. Not lots, but gentle soaking rain. [more]


October 19, 2006

Newspaper delivery | John 10:4

There was a time when my kids delivered newspapers for a little extra income. They had two different ways of delivering. The easiest way was.... [more]


October 20, 2006

The titter of anticipation | John 10:10

As I walked in the room as the relief teacher for the day, the students were watching every move. Their titter was subtle yet noticeable, laced with expectation for the day.  [more]


October 21, 2006

In the lap of luxury | Colossians 3:3

The idea of living with incredible wealth and opulence is incredibly foreign to most people. In the western world, ‘lifestyle’ is often held up as... [more]


October 22, 2006

A boat’s wake | John 15:5,6

Next time you are sitting at the back of a boat, whether large or small, watch it’s wake. As it leaves the boat it is well formed and powerful, but quickly it dissipates back to flat bubbling water again. [more]


October 23, 2006

Jump in | Matthew 28:20

During a week’s conference near the ocean every morning was spent on the beach at dawn. The problem was – it was wintertime! I have found the only way to get into the surf on a chilled winter’s morning is to...  [more]


October 24, 2006

What are you drinking? | John 4:15

Imagine yourself lost in a boat out in the ocean. Your thoughts would eventually turn to how thirsty you are. You’re craving for the thing that is totally surrounding you! [more]


October 25, 2006

Warm cold | Romans 8:28 TM

Isn’t it funny how the body reacts when you dive into cold water?This winter I dived into the surf just as the sun was rising. It wasn’t cold, just fresh, but my body... [more]


October 26, 2006

Expectant look and listen | Job 13:15

He stood momentarily, looking at me, ears tuned for the next command. With an arm raised I pointed in the new direction of where we were headed, and off he bounded. [more]


October 27, 2006

I know he’s there | Hosea 14:8 NLT

Whether it’s bushwalking, mountain climbing, tow-in surfing or solo yachting, adventurers still like to have the security of knowing someone is there to rescue them if there is disaster. [more]


October 28, 2006

Juicy fruits | 1 Thessalonians 5:18

On this cold winter’s morning with hands freezing, nose running and my whole body shivering, I find it hard to imagine a warm summer’s day. But let me tie two things together today! Orchardists declare that a cold winter weather means.... [more]


October 29, 2006

Craving | John 4:14 NLT

It just won’t go away… that craving for more! And when you try and satisfy it, the desire merely grows, sometimes taking on avalanche status, overcoming your vulnerable self. [more]


October 30, 2006

The pain of mundane | Romans 12:2b TM

Writing Today’s Thought for over five years has been a joy. It’s a challenging and creative process I love engaging in, often in the early hours of the morning. But then there is the editing and web publishing end of the process. Every month I face... [more]


October 31, 2006

Pelican overhead | John 4:34

Ever been way out in the desert, or in the midst of suburbia, or ensconced in the depth of a rainforest… and seen a lone pelican fly overhead?And you’ve probably thought… that’s a bit weird! [more]


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