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May 1, 2005

The end of the book written | Colossians 3:3

My teenage son has several favourite hobbies, but one of them is definitely not reading.  Last term he was given a rather lengthy novel, and in his wisdom he decided that the best thing he could do… [more]


May 2, 2005

Matching shirt and tie | Psalms 37:34

For those that work in offices, like I do, have you ever noticed when someone has bought a new shirt and matching tie? There is usually something in the tie that picks out the colour of the shirt and significantly highlights that particular colour…[more]


May 3, 2005

Dry suit | Romans 13:14

Most people consider cold climate surfers and divers crazy.  But there is a special reward that this unique group of enthusiasts receive from the natural world they visit. [more]


May 4, 2005

Lighthouse view | Hebrews 13:8

The other day I saw two different views of the same magnificent lighthouse.  The first was of this wonderful strong white structure firmly planted on top of a tall headland. [more]


May 5, 2005

Just sit and enjoy | Psalms 37:11

Teenage music is not on my most enjoyable list.  And thus my teens regularly remind me of how old I am getting.  But the other day they taught me a very important lesson!  [more]


May 6, 2005

Spots ‘n wrinkles | 1 Samuel 16:7b

The world we live in is all about marketing – making things look good, with the assumption that things are first-class! Fruit, particularly, is promoted as looking and tasting wonderful.  [more]


May 7, 2005

Stretched | Proverbs 17:3

A rubber band is only useful when it’s stretched! Imagine someone with expensive braces on their teeth with no rubber bands – it just doesn’t work anywhere near as well!  [more]


May 8, 2005

Terrorism hysteria | Philippians 4:4,6

The television news shrieked the warning.  The newspaper headings, the internet headlines and the radio broadcasts – all said the same thing!  “Heathrow airport, the world’s busiest airport, was under imminent threat of a terrorist attack.”  [more]


May 9, 2005

The swamp | Proverbs 20:24

It was teacher-training day, and we were engaged in a fun group activity called ‘the swamp’.  Two teams were given the challenge of getting each blindfolded member through a ‘radioactive’ maze of objects using only vocal commands.  If there were any touches of objects a mishap occurred and the blind participant would need to start again.  [more]


May 10, 2005

This is what I want | Isaiah 64:8

Being a father requires incredible amounts of patience at times. Today was one of those days! Harry was sitting chatting to a friend on the front balcony when his daughter Cassie interrupted the conversation.  She slunk unobtrusively to her father’s ear and whispered her obvious displeasure, quietly, so the guest could not hear. [more]


May 11, 2005

Thrown out meal | 2 Chronicles 2:14

My wife spent hours preparing for a ‘Christmas in July’ function, planning, decorating and cooking for a large number.  The months of hard work were starting to pay off with plenty of expectant people booking and paying, and final preparations being put in place. [more]


May 12, 2005

Held by a hair | Isaiah 33:2

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Boys will be boys!”  Well let me give you an example to prove it true yet again! Growing up with an older brother meant he and I were always looking for new, fun and exciting ideas.  So one day, during March fly (larger than a normal house fly) season, we decided to try an experiment. [more]


May 13, 2005

Beginning, end and in between | Joshua 1:9

As a child long trips were something our family did once or twice a year.  It meant sitting in the back seat, watching everything go by as we slowly travelled the highway to our destination. [more]


May 14, 2005

Shot gun rescue | Isaiah 8:13

Let me give you a shortened version of a rather long story.  As a child I had the privilege of growing up working every weekend in our family’s banana plantation.  We all worked very hard, but when we (the children) were young we laboured in the morning and then in the afternoons we were allowed to play. [more]


May 15, 2005

Shag on a rock | Psalms 62:1

“Sitting like a shag on a rock” was a well-used saying in years gone by – not used as much in the 21st century!  What did it mean?  A person stands out, stand alone from other people. Do you know someone like this? Are you this person? [more]


May 16, 2005

Sandy soap | Philippians 1:6

Sand and soap don’t often mix together. But there has been a product available for many years – Solvol – that is exactly that.  It’s been used by people who work with their hands for removing engrained dirt from a hard day’s labour. [more]


May 17, 2005

Media impact personalised | Matthew 28:19

What a way to spend Boxing Day? Finding out about the huge tsunami in South East Asia. Hundreds of thousands of people killed. Millions of lives affected around the world. Remember September 11? It is permanently etched in many people’s minds as a turning point in this world’s history. [more]


May 18, 2005

On empty | Philippians 4:19

What does your vehicle do when it’s on empty?  Some have a flashing light; others make a sound, where my car merely shows an orange light indicating about 50 kilometres are left before I run out of fuel. [more]


May 19, 2005

On call | Psalms 102:17

For those of you who run a business or professionally work on an ‘on-call’ basis I am sure the novelty wears off sooner rather than later. A good friend of mine runs a business where every second or third weekend he is rostered on for ‘call outs’ [more]


May 20, 2005

Gap fillers | Romans 13:14

At our home we have a spare room.  Having recently shifted, this was the last room to really be given ‘unpacking’ attention, and thus became a dumping ground for things that we weren’t sure about keeping. [more]


May 21, 2005

Greater impact | Psalms 34:8

Remember the last time you went to a ‘show’…  the one where there are amusement rides, agricultural displays…and the ‘fairy floss’! Sometimes they have the amusement sideshow where the stronger males, and sometimes the tougher females, pick up a sledge hammer, hit a large pad, trying to raise a weight to hit the bell.  [more]


May 22, 2005

Lawn weeding | 1 John 1:7

Removing weeds from my lawn can be a time consuming process.  Sometimes the weeds come out easily, but like the other day, there are those weeds that are stubborn and refuse to come out without a great deal of attention. [more]


May 23, 2005

Leash Puller | Proverbs 15:31, 32

Given the new dog in our household, most members of the family have now taken on the role of being leash pullers.  Taking this pup for a walk can be a pleasant experience, but it requires vigilance, watching for desired behaviours over the undesired.  [more]


May 24, 2005

A pleasing trickle | Ephesians 3:20

Australia is experiencing its worst drought on record.  In the city version of that dry time, brown lawns and no-sprinklers are the minimal impact that we experience.  It’s nothing compared to the devastation of rural and outback areas!  [more]


May 25, 2005

Macaroni and cheese | Matthew 14:31

Avocado and Marmite – on toast for breakfast

Honey and Peanut Butter – great on toast

Cucumber, Tomato and Onion – lovely on a hot summer’s evening

Salt and Pepper – on top of tomato [more]


May 26, 2005

Order and pay | Philippians 4:13

Having recently ordered a lovely new lounge suite, my wife excitedly threw out the old furniture and launched into redesigning the lounge room ready for the new items.  She did not have to think another moment about the new suite coming - it was on order!  [more]


May 27, 2005

Father’s heart connected | Isaiah 54:7

Having recently ordered a lovely new lounge suite, my wife excitedly threw out the old furniture and launched into redesigning the lounge room ready for the new items.  She did not have to think another moment about the new suite coming - it was on order! [more]


May 28, 2005

Automatic protection system | Ephesians 6:10

Next time something touches your eye, take notice of the speed your body reacts.  There’s not time for you to think consciously, rather it’s an automatic protection system. The other day I was edging my lawn, and a piece of mulch flicked off the machine and headed straight for my eye.  Before knowing anything about the missile, my left eyelid had automatically detected and reacted to this foreign object.  [more]


May 29, 2005

Slippery | Colossians 1:27

What a fabulous word!!  So many different things describe this utterance. Let me paint some pictures – picking up a fish; jelly on a wall; gripping a greased hand; a robber in the night; picking up soap in the bath.  [more]


May 30, 2005

El Nino effect | Luke 5:32

If you are a weather expert you will know all about this potentially disastrous natural phenomena.  Over the last few years the east coast of Australia has increasingly faced the effects of this growing problem – El Nino – is when cooler sea temperatures bring dry air over a continent. [more]


May 31, 2005

Double movement | Ephesians 5:16, 17, 18

How often do you look into the sky and study the movements of the clouds? Because I am one of those weird early morning types, I recently rose well before dawn and wandered outside to greet the day.  It was several days after full moon and in the sky were scattered clouds. [more]



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