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Today's Thought - The Archives - October 05

October 1, 2005

Jail 'n grace | Galatians 5:13

Ever stood in front of a jail?  What thoughts and emotions rise to the surface when standing at the entrance?  Imagine the solid stone surrounding the weathered timber doors with rusting iron bolts securing the premises.  On top is razor sharp barbed wire and the security tower for easy viewing of the inmates. All this is designed to intimidate the convict!



October 2, 2005 

Chemical anchors | Romans 8:38

What a challenge I faced?  I am not the most impractical person at home and here I was searching for a successful solution to a very unstable cement balustrade. What a struggle!  Where do I go? Who do I talk to? [more]


October 3, 2005

Towed V8 | Galatians 5:22, 23

You've spent over 12 months restoring this Mustang.  The paintwork is immaculate.  The upholstery has been returned to pristine condition.  You are proud of your handiwork!  [more]


October 4, 2005

Jacaranda brilliance | Matthew 5:15a

Purple and green!  What a pleasant contrast they create against a brilliant blue sky! During springtime in Australia many areas enjoy the visual pleasure of these two colours.  With any backdrop - blue sky, white storm clouds, dark brewing thunderheads, painted buildings, eucalyptus-covered hills...  [more]

October 5, 2005

White-roofed chook sheds | Titus 3:5

The day was warm already with hardly any breeze. The chooks were chirping away in the sheds, and the sun was just rising on another sweltering summer’s day.  I had discovered a pleasant new spot to sit and contemplate life with a brilliant city view.  The only negative was the great big chook sheds only metres down the hill from my new parking area. [more]


October 6, 2005

Standing in awe | Mark 15:39b

Stop for a moment and celebrate the good things you have in life! When was the last time you stood and admired a beautiful sunset?  Wondered at the gift of an organ transplant?  Admired someone for giving away money to help others when they can’t really afford it? [more] 


October 7, 2005

Pin prick reminder | James 4:17

Part of the joy of spring is cleaning up the yard. Last weekend was our family's turn for this yearly challenge.  Armed with gloves and secateurs my task was to cut down a rather prickly climber entwined around several trees. I spent quite a few minutes climbing, cutting and pulling.  [more]


October 8, 2005

Nostril delights | John 10:10

Driving along in the evening as the sun was setting I witnessed a very special sight. On the back of a flat-top work truck was a dog tied up for his safety. He and his owner looked like they were returning home from a hard day's work, but tiredness was the last thing on this canine's mind. The length of the tether allowed the dog to...  [more]


October 9, 2005

Pimples to terrorism | Matthew 6:39

As I write this, the world is gripped yet again with the horror of terrorism... With 9-11, Egypt, London, Bali to name a few, I can’t help but ask the question - where will it all stop?  [more]


October 10, 2005

In the right spot | Psalm 16:11

There are days where everything just seems to go right.  Yesterday was one of those for me! From the moment my feet hit the floor, things just had a gloss about them that shined all day...  [more]


October 11, 2005

The evidence | 2 Corinthians 3:18b

This morning I woke well before dawn as normal.  Going into my study I pulled back the curtains to allow the infiltrating darkness to meet the light.  On the large glass pane were many droplets of rain, uncovered and shining in the bright light - evidence of an overnight shower.  [more]


October 12, 2005

A rabbit prepared | Matthew 26:41

In Australia these days you don’t see multitudes of rabbits in paddocks.  But there was a time when you could stand on a balcony or a roadside and witness hundreds of these furry creatures eating the grass meant for commercial livestock or wildlife.   [more]


October 13, 2005

'H' | Philippians 3:9

‘H’ can stand for many things.  If I am a Grade one student, ‘h’ stands for h-a-t, hat.  If I am a surveyor or developer, ‘h’ stands for hectare.  And if I am a fireman, ‘h’ stands for hydrant. [more]


October 14, 2005

Have a cuppa | Matthew 11:28

Life too stressed?  Feel like you need some time out?  Visit a coffee shop sometime and see for yourself… the hidden value of coffee or tea? Women have known for a long time, and men are catching on, that a revolution is sweeping the western world. [more]


October 15, 2005

In your face | John 14:27

The smell of cleaning a vomit spray…

Helping a dying person at a car accident…

Watching your child be taken to the operating table… [more]


October 16, 2005

Palm transplant | Romans 6:11

Completing the final section of my garden’s transformation brought great joy.  Adding rich soil, covering it with mulch, and then adding significant and appropriate plants were the final stages of several years’ work.    [more]


October 17, 2005

Forget me not | John 6:37

Have you ever had one of those days when it seems like you’ve forget everything?  Let me share with you one of mine.  First, it was not picking up some teenagers that I had promised to collect for a meeting.  Then it was a friend that I had promised to call during the week.  [more]


October 18, 2005

The Minerva challenge | Revelation 3:21a

It happens three times a week, and has done for the past three months.  My walking partner and I puff and pant our way to the top of a really steep hill called Minerva Street. Originally it was the bane of our lives...  [more]


October 19, 2005

Dawn satisfaction | Romans 12:2

For those that have read my devotionals for a while, you will know that I am a ‘morning’ person - someone up with the birds and appreciating the day’s potential! Let me share a simple yet inspiring experience for the ‘night’ people, so you won’t have to rise to see this phenomena yourself.  [more]


October 20, 2005

Red light days | Isaiah 61:3

“If I get another red light I’ll scream”, I commented to my son. It’s an experience that seems happens to me about every two weeks.  I am driving my normal route to work or to a meeting, but on these days I seem to catch that yellow light just a little too late to go through, and have to brake.  [more]


October 21, 2005

Unsatisfyingly fulfilling | 1 Peter 2:24b

It’s a sensation!  And you’ve fallen for it!  The kids pressured you into visiting the ‘golden arches’ again.  You vaguely remember promising yourself, never again.  But here you are in line, ordering things that you just know won’t work for you. [more]


October 22, 2005

It looks so good | Ephesians 1:7

For those who are losing weight take a moment to consider this.  In your life there is always some type of food that looks really good.  It might be ice cream, potatoes, bacon strips, fried fish etc.  For me it is very hard to resist the sumptuous delights of the bakery - apple pies & turnovers, custard tarts, neenish tarts... [more]


October 23, 2005

Cleaning out the sink | James 5:16

I have lived in many homes without a dishwasher, so I am quite used to the old fashioned method of ‘hands in the hot water’.  There is something satisfying about seeing the dishes rinsed, cleaned, wiped and put away, but the job is not yet done.  [more]


October 24, 2005

Tying my own shoes | Psalms 32:10b

At some point in life every child has to learn to tie their own shoes.  Some independently tie straight away, and actively refuse to accept assistance.   Others rely on older siblings, whilst other infants learn the art of controlling their parents. [more]


October 25, 2005

I won | Deuteronomy 8:16

Winning my first 100m and 200m race at high school was the best confidence builder!  Making my first sale as a new rep – fabulous!  Winning my first submission when stepping into the world of government funding was a real self-assurance boost! [more]


October 26, 2005

Living outside |1 Corinthians 7:23  

As a child my family had the privilege of living in an old “Queenslander”, a home known for its liveability and coolness.  With plenty of room, bed space wasn’t difficult to find.  Occasionally my brother and I would sleep on the verandahs, particularly on hot summer’s evenings. [more]


October 27, 2005

Shaky ladder syndrome | 2 Corinthians 10:13

What would be your expectation when a roofing contractor comes to quote on a roof restoration?  That they would know what they are talking about?  That they could get up on the roof and complete a proper inspection of any damage? [more]


October 28, 2005

Don’t feed the ibis | 1 Peter 5:9

Whilst visiting Southbank, a large public park in my city, I sat at a coffee shop and noticed a sign from The Ibis Management Coordination Group.  The name sounded very official and important, and out of the ordinary enough for me to take the time to read the message. [more]


October 29, 2005

Purple carpet | Psalms 23:6

Following an overnight shower, October brings a special delight for those rising early.  Lying on the ground beneath blossoming jacaranda trees is a beautiful blanket of purple.  There is such softness and serenity about the scene, particularly with the damp ground and light from an early morning sun. [more]


October 30, 2005

Don’t be seduced | Hebrews 10:38

I am a red-blooded male who is often aware of the many good-looking females that daily walk past me.  If I allow myself, as I have in the past, I can easily be seduced by the niceties before my eyes, allowing my mind to wander into dangerous territory. [more]


October 31, 2005

Autumn plantings | Galatians 6:9

I love tropical gardens, and because I live in a sub-tropical environment, every new home we move to, I intentionally re-landscape to capture the beauty and peace of a tropical setting. [more]



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