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Today's Thought - The Archives - July 05

July 1, 2005

Out of focus | Hebrews 12:2

This may sound funny, but one of the pleasures of life is having something come into clear focus over time. Have you ever sat in a large room or auditorium where the presenter is using an overhead projector? [more]


July 2, 2005 

View from the top | Philippians 4:13

I remember as a kid climbing Picket Hill, a 350m granite mound looming in the background of my family’s farm.  Dad always talked about climbing this peak, and then early one Saturday morning he took my brother and I to the top. [more]


July 3, 2005

The rubber band effect| Colossians 3:10

Don’t kids love making masks!  It’s amazing how they become someone totally different by covering their face with a disguise! But, like any good masquerade they are no good unless you put them on your face. To make it work well, you must attach it carefully?  [more]


July 4, 2005

You is you | Psalms 37:4

Sometimes it is really hard to accept certain things.  How are you doing with the title?  For the grammatically correct people of this world, you have already questioned it’s correctness... [more]

July 5, 2005

Which way is up?| Psalms 37:34

Getting ‘chundered’ is not my favourite past time.  Any surfer will tell you that when the surf is big, paddling out through large waves can be quite scary and dangerous, particularly when the larger sets are coming through. [more]


July 6, 2005

A real buzz in the air | Matthew 5:14

One wedding anniversary weekend my wife and I disappeared for a twenty-four hour escape. On the Saturday night we decided to catch a movie, and because we had a forty-five minute drive from our mountaintop retreat, we arrived early at the cinemas. [more] 


July 7, 2005

Orphan no more | 1 John 5:1

Some of you reading this will have been adopted, and thus understand the trauma of not knowing your blood heritage. Imagine the ludicrousy of living in an orphanage, having prospective parents come and offer you a loving and caring home… [more]


July 8, 2005

I want more | Psalms 47:2

Ever been to a party and found a dip that you absolutely love.  In fact it is so ‘moreish’ that you make a fool of yourself by not moving anywhere and just continuing to ‘graze’ on this edible delight.  [more]


July 9, 2005

If you knew | Colossians 1:20

Would you live differently if you knew…

When rally driving, that no cars were on the road?

When diving off a waterfall, that you wouldn’t injure yourself?  [more]


July 10, 2005

Hidden residue | Matthew 5:13

I was looking for a decent sized empty bottle to fill with water in preparation for a two hour drive.  Surveying the situation I came across a used plastic Coke bottle that the family had consumed the previous evening.  [more]


July 11, 2005

Lost @ Auction | Psalms 66:9

Being a shy little kid can sometimes be really tough! My grandfather decided to sell his large sheep property. He was no longer able to manage the demands it brought, so he put everything up for auction.  [more]


July 12, 2005

Chocolate admirer | Hebrews 12:6

Ever admired the beauty of chocolate? Its luscious taste and intricate designs? In preparation for Easter, my daughter was making some special chocolates as a gift.  She had bought the very best raw chocolate available, coming in packets as little buttons. [more]


July 13, 2005

Sam plays happily | Psalms 103:11

Being a two year-old boy can be such a wonderful time of life.  Learning how to throw a ball, to talk, to run around, to swing, to use a skateboard…to get lots of people’s attention and love! [more]


July 14, 2005

The crowd falls silent | Psalms 42:1

Ever been in a crowded room of people who are waiting for something to start?  Lots of excited people chatting with their friends? At some point suddenly there is an uncanny quietness... [more]


July 15, 2005

More than just notes | Ephesians 1:14

Ever heard a young musician learning an instrument?  They struggle through their practice playing the notes one by one, often abusing everyone’s eardrums in the process. [more]


July 16, 2005

Looked at myself | Matthew 11:28-30

Have you ever been through an experience where circumstances showed glaring mistakes in your personality and your behaviour? [more]


July 17, 2005

Free computer giveaway | 1 Corinthians 6:11

Once, when working for a range of schools I was given many ex-government computers to giveaway – an easy way to become popular with teachers and principals. [more]


July 18, 2005

Do you want the baby to die? | John 14:6

I read of a horrendous story of a stolen car and a baby’s death.  The mother stepped out of the car for just a moment, and a young thief took the chance to slip into the driver’s seat and tear away, unaware of the 11-month old baby in the back seat.  [more]


July 19, 2005

Red…green! | Mark 11:25

My local set of traffic lights is a normal four-way intersection, with every light having a right arrow for increased traffic fluency. Sometimes when there is a fault, the lights flash amber. Drivers approach the intersection with a high degree of caution, expecting other drivers to do the same. [more]


July 20, 2005

The crunchy bits | Ephesians 5:14

When my family decides to buy chips, there is often a hidden agenda for each family member.  Secretly, we all hope that the shop owner leaves plenty of crunchy bits at the bottom of the paper wrapping. [more]


July 21, 2005

Touched by Oscar fever | Mark 6:56

I have always wondered what it would be like to be in the crowd at the Oscar awards evening in Hollywood - screaming fans, long red carpets, stretched white limos, glittering jewellery, incredibly expensive dresses, stunning hairdos and probing media. [more]


July 22, 2005

Watch the pimple trap | 1 Samuel 16:7

Having a teenage son who has real challenges with acne, pimples become a daily event.  When he comes and speaks with me about anything I find myself not really listening, but looking at that imperfection on his cheek that desperately needs squeezing. [more]


July 23, 2005

It’s mango season again! | James 5:16

You’re armed and dangerous - sharp knife, chopping board and the most important ingredient…a cool ripe mango! You let the knife slice either side of this huge fruit, whilst the mind and mouth are begin to salivate.  You wipe the dribble from the corner of your mouth. [more]


July 24, 2005

Out of fire comes growth | Ezekiel 36:26

Only two months ago the countryside was barren and black due to numerous bush fires.  For days driving was extremely hazardous because of the thick smoke haze. How could this countryside ever, I thought to myself? [more]


July 25, 2005

Regular attention | Psalms 91:2

The other day as my wife and I were wandering around our lush, tropical garden, we both looked at the small vegetable section and noted that the newly dug soil had a couple of self-sown plants.  [more]


July 26, 2005

Seeding a pumpkin vine | Proverbs 16:24

Young pumpkin vines are such wonderful things to watch.  In late spring and early summer they grow from just a seed dropped into the ground.  It quickly blossoms into a mature vine with large green leaves, yellow flowers, and pumpkins. [more]


July 27, 2005

That noise woke me | Psalms 29:4

This morning I woke, well before sunrise with an annoying sound coming through my open window.  It wasn’t loud or piercing, rather just constantly there.  It was kind of a low rumble, like a running truck engine.  [more]


July 28, 2005

Unity – mystery or reality? | Colossians 3:14

I love autumn! In Australia it means the start of the footy season! I allow myself to watch rugby league, because I am inspired by the toughness and heroics of the players. As I look at each team, I realize they are amazingly different. When the teams run onto the field... [more]


July 29, 2005

Go to sleep | Psalms 50:23

This morning I woke to the soothing tones of rain on the tin roof.  Immediately this took me back to childhood memories of lying in bed with the blankets up around my neck, letting to gentle tones of falling rain seep into my whole body and sooth me into a slumber.  [more] 


July 30, 2005

Jelly on the fridge | Mark 11:23b

You’ve mixed up the ingredients, and the strong reddish maroon hues are now in the bowl, with some spray sneaking over the bench from your rapid beating. You’re making jelly! Once beaten you put the simple dessert in the fridge to let it set.  [more]


July 31, 2005

The power is on | Philippians 4:13

You are half through a family games evening when without warning the power goes out.  Automatically the family goes to ‘Plan B’, grabbing torch, candles & matches.  [more]



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