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Today's Thought - The Archives - August 05

August 1, 2005

Evaporation | John 6:44

Wherever and in whatever season you are reading this, let me paint a tropical summer afternoon scene for you. As you sit sipping a cool refreshing drink on your Queensland veranda... [more]


August 2, 2005 

Water flows down | John 11:25

Let me refer to something that you already know…water, if left to its own devices will flow down hill every time. When it reaches a point where it can’t flow any lower it stops moving and sits. [more]


August 3, 2005

Worth waiting for | Lamentations 3:25,26

Being a share trader means making well-informed yet difficult decisions are a part of life.  During 2002 there have been many times where shares have looked promising but have not lived up to the expectation.  [more]


August 4, 2005

Dead on the road | Philippians 3:3

I have to tell you a rather sad story.  Several weeks ago a friend and I drove four hours west into the flat country of western Queensland. With drought being rife in this area hitting kangaroos became a real danger, particularly at night…and here it was 9pm! As I dozed off my friend continued the leisurely drive [more]

August 5, 2005

Gee Dad’s noisy| John 5:24

During a meeting of young people, always a noisy affair, three parents sat in an adjacent room, chatting about all sorts of things.  One of the parents, Peter, a man gifted with verbal skills, received a profound SMS from his daughter inside the youth meeting.  [more]


August 6, 2005

Scab off | 1 John 1:7

Look at one of your scars, and remember the experience of the injury, and then recall the healing.  I want to tell you about one of my childhood ‘pleasures’! Being a typical farm boy, I was always outside doing something.  Part of that meant having... [more] 


August 7, 2005

The new me | Psalms 66:16

It is amazingly inexpensive to create a new persona… let me build a picture for you! Recently my wife and daughter flew to Sydney to attend an international conference.  The first day was spent walking around a massive trade fair, talking to people, making contacts and building networks of expertise.  [more]


August 8, 2005

What's in a name? | John 10:3

When you meet someone for the first time, how often does their name go from your memory banks in the first few seconds?  Embarrassing, isn’t it? Alternatively, someone uses your name several times in a conversation over the phone...  [more]


August 9, 2005

The Ekka pass | Hebrews 4:3

Every year Australian towns and cities hold a fascinating phenomenon, their annual show, celebrating the rural prowess of the local area.  In Brisbane this celebration is proudly called ‘The Ekka’. Many traditions are linked with this ten-day event, none more basic than what happened to me the other night.  [more]


August 10, 2005

Spokes of a wheel | John 17:22

Each spoke of a bicycle wheel is quite insignificant on its own, quite weak if pressure is applied.  Its strength comes from connecting the outside spokes with the central hub.  If the wheel starts to buckle it's usually because spokes are missing or bent, having lost their strength. [more]


August 11, 2005

Keep playing | 1 Corinthians 12:27

Ever played a note on a keyboard?  Striking the white key means a single tone escapes into the air and arrives through your hearing into your consciousness…a lonely NOTE, clear and definite!  [more]


August 12, 2005

I just knew that voice |1 Samuel 3:9

It had been at least ten years, but the voice I heard across the water was that of Col.  Let me explain! On a rainy dismal morning as I was paddling out through the breaking surf with friends and family, a distinct voice could be heard. Despite the pounding surf and pouring rain a friend...   [more]


August 13, 2005

Too precious | Psalms 49:8,9

Do you have something that money can’t buy?  A photo, painting, video, antique? 

Did you know that there is something that money can’t buy?  It is that expensive! [more]


August 14, 2005

My toe's itchy | 1 Corinthians 14:28

What’s actually happening when your toe is itchy? 

Your mind is receiving a signal from the ‘toe’ section of your body, saying it needs some attention.  So your mind, being the master that it is, sends out a very clear message to your finger, and all of its attached muscles, to reach down and scratch. [more]


August 15, 2005

Finding a path | Proverbs 4:18

Several years ago I took my two teenagers to a wonderful National Park in north Queensland.  The joy of ‘rock hopping’ up a fast flowing stream covered with thick forest on either side held our attention for at least an hour. [more]


August 16, 2005

Empowering the 'not'| Romans 7:25-8:1

‘Not’ can be such a powerful word!  Let me use dieting as an example.  Controlling one’s food intake is often seen as a process of ‘not’ thinking about food most of the time. And if you are anything like me, the more you try to ‘not’ think about food...  [more]


August 17, 2005

The eyes are watching | Ephesians 4:3

Sometimes I think I am the least creative person alive, particularly when it comes to food ideas! Ever entered a restaurant, read the menu, and been unsure of what you wanted? [more]


August 18, 2005

Back to the sun | Isaiah 58:11

Having seen this event thousands of times I was amazed at witnessing this morning’s sunrise from a different perspective! At sunrise I often sit in my west-facing study, writing, praying or reading.  This morning was no different, except that I watched the sunrise by turning my back to it!  [more]


August 19, 2005

Dropped jaw syndrome | Psalms 79:13

Everyone has experienced this syndrome at some point in their life.  Let me tell you about my experience! Quite a few years ago I was driving across the rolling green plains of western Victoria in early spring.  The day was clear, the grass was incredibly lush, and the landscape colours were... [more]


August 20, 2005

Duck dive | Jude 25

This is an interesting term taken from our aquatic expert friends!  When surfing, board riders of current times have developed a technique, which saves them much time and energy and allows them to ultimately catch many more waves. [more]


August 21, 2005

Tied to the top | Isaiah 57:12

Imagine doing some abseiling.  You prepare yourself extremely well by being physically fit, buying all of the appropriate ropes and other paraphernalia.  You hire the best instructor you can find, so you feel absolutely confident that you are going to have a totally enjoyable time. [more]


August 22, 2005

Water plus | Ephesians 2:5

This week I had the privilege of being part of a fundraising bike ride, where cyclists relayed almost seven hundred kilometres in two days.  On the journey the riders were trying a new product called Water Plus+, designed to replace lost energy. [more]


August 23, 2005

No-fruit tree | John 15:5

In my back yard there are a variety of plants and trees.  One of these is not going to survive much longer!  We call it our ‘no-fruit tree’. Early last spring we discovered a small plant growing at the side of our garden.  It seemed quite healthy by the time we noticed it so we let it continue growing, finally recognizing it as a paw-paw tree.  [more]


August 24, 2005

Finally for sale | Hebrews 11:40

After many months of renovations the restorations are complete.  Building, plastering, digging, hammering, planting, hosing, cleaning, scrubbing…all have been part of the process of putting things in order to maximise the sale price. [more]


August 25, 2005

Ruined for the ordinary | Colossians 2:10

I don’t like Easter anymore!  It has become a very ordinary time of year.  Let me explain before you jump to any conclusions… Recently my pastry chef daughter began bringing home some of the work that she has been preparing - many varieties of luscious sweets and pastries. [more]


August 26, 2005

Scribbled doorpost |1 Timothy 4:15

In some family homes, where the children are young, you will find a very untidy looking doorpost.  Upon closer inspection you realise that the problem is not lazy housekeeping.  Rather, it is the capture of significant moments in a child’s growth. [more]


August 27, 2005

Unplanned chaos | Philippians 4:6

Some days are just like that - chaotic.  Let me describe one of them to you! I woke with a ‘to-do’ list half a page long, and so I got started with a high degree of enthusiasm. Moments into my organized day... [more]


August 28, 2005

It is finished | Galatians 2:20

Before a plant can grow a seed needs to give up its life!

Before you can breathe you have to swallow!

Before an adult is grown... [more]


August 29, 2005

Attached shadow | Psalms 23:6

When I first started teaching, I used to play this game with my students called ‘Shadows.  It was based on a very simple principle – that your shadow is always attached to you.  [more]


August 30, 2005

Over the falls | Romans 8:37

This is a phrase that no surfer wants to encounter, but in reality every surfer endures at some point in his or her experience.  Surfers will understand.  Other readers may not…so let me take a moment to explain the experience! [more]


August 31, 2005

Perspective points | Romans 12:2b

Ever wondered what’s beyond a mountain on the horizon? Sometimes I am so driven by this question that I resist no longer – here is one of those times! I have looked at this particular mountain for many years and recently whilst on holidays I had the opportunity to drive around the other side, into a ‘whole new world’ being discovered by me for the first time. [more]



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