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Vomit consumption

by Bruce Wadd


WARNING: Delete NOW if you don’t like YUCK!


Our dog, in fact most dogs, tend to go back to their vomit!


What a disgusting thought?


Our dog does this quite regularly.


Then I started to think about my own behaviour, not that I am a vomit-consuming human. But, I asked myself a very important question!


How often have I been drawn back to things or behaviours that I know aren’t good for me?  Wrong?  Sinful?


Unfortunately, more times than I care to consider!  How many times for you?  Are you having ‘hidden feeding frenzy’ on past habits?


Today, I just wanted to praise God again for His death and resurrection, so that my ‘vomit visiting’ tendencies can be cleansed again.


“The good things we want to do

when the Spirit had His way with us are just

the opposite of our natural desires.”

Galatians 5:17b TLB


TODAY, seek God.  Let Him cleanse and restore your desires!


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