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The eyes are watching

by Bruce Wadd


Sometimes I think I am the least creative person alive, particularly when it comes to food ideas!


Ever entered a restaurant, read the menu, and been unsure of what you wanted?  As you ponder this crucial decision a waitress delivers a scrumptious-looking meal to the adjacent table.  You immediately inquire as to the name of this meal, and your interest for that meal increases rapidly.


All the reading is irrelevant because you have seen the meal that you want, so you go ahead and enjoy the rest of the evening.


Your example as a Christian can be equally as powerful.  People deciding whether Christianity is worthwhile can make up their mind when they’ve seen your example.  What influence are you making?


Here’s some wisdom and truth,


“Try always to be led along together by the Holy Spirit,
and so be at peace with one another.” 
Ephesians 4:3


TODAY, consider the eyes that are watching you!


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