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Smashed fragrance

by Bruce Wadd 


Imagine taking your favourite perfume, the most expensive bottle, and throwing it onto the floor. The initial shock of ‘throwing away’ so much money, something so precious would probably stop you, frozen by shock and unbelief.


How could you so do something so ‘out of the ordinary’?


With the bottle smashed in pieces, and the liquid splattered, a most delightful aroma would begin to affect your nostrils. The shock would be overtaken by the lusciousness of this most special scent.


God looks at us in a similar light. He created us in His image, but with sin entering this world, and our lives, He longs for renewed intimacy with us. The only way that can happen is by our lives dying, being sacrificed, being humbled… smashed before Him!


Then we become like God’s favourite perfume. Then He can rejoice in what we do. Listen to what the Psalmist says…


“And when my heart is right,

then you will rejoice in the good that I do...”

Psalms 51:19


TODAY, let your most beautiful self escape, broken before Him!


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