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Scribbled doorpost

by Bruce Wadd  


In some family homes, where the children are young, you will find a very untidy looking doorpost.  Upon closer inspection you realise that the problem is not lazy housekeeping.  Rather, it is the capture of significant moments in a child’s growth.


There are various times in a child’s life when their growth spurts are very noticeable.  Between the ages of eleven and sixteen both boys and girls grow amazingly.  Some are slow starters, whilst others just shoot up “overnight”.  Marking the doorpost becomes a way of reminding the child of how noteworthy this time of life is.  It shows that things are happening.


Our lives in Christ can be the same.  The doorpost of our lives can have many marks, but they are scribbles illustrating growth on the inside.  God sees growth as normal!


“Put these abilities to work;
throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone may notice
your improvement and progress.”

1 Timothy 4:15


Today, start scribbling!


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