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Only saying sorry

by Bruce Wadd  


Parents… teachers… anyone who works with people, will know this phenomenon.


“Oh, sorry, I won’t do it again!” comes the mantra. Many children, I have noticed as a teacher, spill out this insincere garble when they are found out.


As a relief teacher, I have heard it numerous times. On some days it gets to the point of absolute frustration, till one day I just called it for what it was… a lie!


“You don’t really mean it. Come back when you’ve actually changed your choices,” I retorted.


I’ve noticed, with both adult and child, [I am very much included] much of human nature will not respond with a change of behaviour till there is pain attached. Sometimes sorry just isn’t enough! I need to face the results of my actions, when the pain is fresh in my heart for me to change.


Are you only saying sorry to God? Or are you letting Him reach inside and change your heart, particularly when every fibre in your body wants to sin?


Here’s a simple philosophy to live by, TODAY


“Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good.” Romans 12:9 TM


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