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The realization of wrong

by Bruce Wadd  


Another lesson from my trusty canine!


Whilst out walking most mornings my dog makes a habit of walking ahead on our usual track. There are sometimes, though, when I play a game. When he is quite a distance ahead, confidently walking and sniffing, I sneakily take a different route.


A few seconds later my trusting pet will check and see that his master is heading in the same direction.


It’s that moment of realization, that time when he can’t see his master heading the same way and he knows he is going the wrong way – that’s what I am looking for!


Quickly, he begins ‘back tracking’, searching for signs of where the master has gone. Everything is focused on finding ‘the person in charge’ again, and nothing stops still that task is complete.


When my dog sees me, he rushes straight back to my side for a pat of reassurance, knowing he again is on the right track.


Have you already made the link? Let me just ask, when you discover you’re going the wrong direction, how quickly do you rush back to your Master?


Here is David’s yearning heart!


“Restore to me again the joy of your salvation,

and make me willing to obey you.”

Psalms 51:12


TODAY, rush back ASAP, because He’s waiting!


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