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Public solitary confinement

by Bruce Wadd 


Dare I do this … try to define depression?


I have heard some experts say it is the disease of the Western world.  I don’t know, but I take the risk of criticism because I know many people who face this debilitating condition.


Having been in the darkness of depression many times throughout my life, and growing up with a father, despite his denial, obviously experiencing depression regularly, I begin writing.


I describe depression as being in solitary confinement, even when you are surrounded by people.  It’s being locked away inside your head, trapped in your own thoughts, unable to see beyond the wall around you!


Without being terse, flippant or arrogant, all I can write with is empathy, and offer my path of recovery.  Simply, I have told, and continue to tell it all to God, who amply listens and understands.  He can cope!


What's your description... of depression? Your healing journey? Reply here...


“When you go through deep waters and great trouble,

I will be with you.”  Isaiah 43:2


TODAY, hang on to this promise as you travel the journey with Him!


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