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Pimples to terrorism

by Bruce Wadd   


As I write this, the world is gripped yet again with the horror of terrorism.  Agony and loss beyond belief have been thrust upon unsuspecting families and friends both locals and tourists.


With 9-11, Egypt, London, Bali to name a few, I canít help but ask the question - when will it all stop?


Like pimples on a teenager's face, terrorism is now enemy number one around the western world.  Political leaders are being challenged to eradicate this blight on the world's complexion.


But we as Christians are challenged in another way.  Even though we share the pain of loss and injury, what then do we do with the following statement?


I ask you to think and pray about what Jesus would do in the current circumstances.


"But I say, Don't resist violence!
If you are slapped on one cheek turn the other too."
Matthew 6:39


Today, think and pray about your response to the pimple of terrorism!


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