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Learning software

by Bruce Wadd


Sometimes… it’s sooooo frustrating learning new software.  My brother and I were attempting to uncover the secrets of GarageBand – a music creation software on my laptop!


I tried various ways to mix two pieces of music together, and nothing seemed to work.  So finally, with the chair pushed backwards and frustrated grunts coming from my mouth, I got up and walked away, angry about my failure.


Immediately my brother sat down calmly, having watched what I had done, and before I’d even had a chance to turn around he declared, “Look, this is how to do it!”


I angrily returned, not believing that he could discover the answer so quickly.


Sometimes you just have to travel the journey before you understand the answer.  Whilst other people get it straight away, you may take ages.  But that is OK … I think!  It’s certainly more painful!


Our journeys are extremely individual, with differing scripts, but we are heading in the same direction – a relationship with Jesus!


“But now you belong to Christ Jesus…

you have been brought very near to Him

because of what Jesus Christ has done

for you with His blood.”  

Ephesians 2:13


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