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Heightened awareness

by Bruce Wadd 


It may be painful or embarrassing, or if you are like me, quite normal.  I have this problem… when I am eating food that I really enjoy, and that’s quite often, I leave traces, often dribbles, of food around the edges of my mouth.


My family, bless their wonderful souls, delight in making me aware of my unhygienic culinary habits, showing that ‘senility’ is definitely approaching.


Thankfully, though, these wonderful people have heightened my awareness of this anomaly, which is far more embarrassing when in public.  Shame soon becomes appreciation, being more aware of my behaviours with others around!


As a friend, let me increase your discernment of a much weightier matter!  Did you know that your whole life could be changed in a moment through belief in the man Jesus Christ? 


You can be shown things to give you a whole new perspective and understanding of this world and beyond; about life here, and in the future.  Listen to how Jesus expressed it!


“I have come into the world to give sight to those who are spiritually blind and to show those who think

they see that they are blind.” 

John 9:39


TODAY, invite Jesus to show you truth… and see!


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