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Empowering the ‘not’

by Bruce Wadd


‘Not’ can be such a powerful word!  Let me use dieting as an example.  Controlling one’s food intake is often seen as a process of ‘not’ thinking about food most of the time.


If you are anything like me, the more you try to ‘not’ think about food, the more the mind will focus on the finer points of the cuisine you are ‘not’ supposed eat.  That often brings shame, disappointment, frustration, and ultimately, an admission of failure and uselessness.


Dealing with sin for most people is exactly the same.  Saying that you will ‘never do something again’, will regularly lead you back to that same point of sin, shame and rejection.


Jesus’ message to you TODAY, is that sin has been overcome; the victory has been won; the ‘not’ has been conquered!  Praise Him!


What ever you are struggling with, whether it has been a little thing that has been niggling for a while, or a huge challenge that has burdened you for years, Jesus died for it.  He loved YOU so much that He sacrificed His heavenly throne for the devastating cross, so that you could be free of your sin.


All He asks is for you to give the ‘not’ to Him!


“Who will free me from my slavery
to this deadly lower nature? 
Thank God!  It has been done by Jesus Christ our Lord. 
He has set me free.  So there is now no condemnation awaiting those who belong to Christ Jesus.” 
Roman 7:25-8:1


TODAY, turn your ‘not’ over to Jesus!


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