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Dropped jaw syndrome

by Bruce Wadd


Everyone has experienced this syndrome at some point in their life.  Let me tell you about my experience!


Quite a few years ago I was driving across the rolling green plains of western Victoria in early spring.  The day was clear, the grass was incredibly lush, and the landscape colours were enhanced by white sheep against a backdrop of masses of eucalypt trees.  One really couldn’t ask for much more!


I was heading to the Grampians, a mountain range known for its striking beauty. Being such a pleasant drive the kilometres ticked by quickly, and thus the sudden arrival of that first view took me by surprise.


As I came over the rise of a hill, there before me, laid out on the picturesque early spring landscape, were the jutting peaks and ranges of the Grampians.  My jaw dropped!


The car was stopped, the camera bag rescued from the back seat, and time was given to capturing the visual splendour.


God, if asked, can do the same for you as the Grampians did for me.  You can be in awe of Him continually!


“Then we, your people, the sheep of your pasture,
will thank you forever and forever, praising your greatness from generation to generation.” 
Psalms 79:13


TODAY, let your jaw drop in God!


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